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Duke in Spain, as a program, is now over for me. I’ve finished all of my homework (which actually began to resemble real homework toward the end) and turned everything in. We’ve had our final say-goodbye dinner, and I’ve begun to pack. In two days’ time I’ll be heading back to America: to my family and to English. I’ll also have be starting a long summer of physics, EMS, and OIT–penance for having taken a semester-long vacation, I suppose.

I’m going to miss Spain. I’ll miss the culture, the language, the food, and the people. I’ll miss my family, who have been nothing but incredible in hosting me (I’m going to try to update this again with a picture of all of us), and I’ll miss Pedro and Roberto, my Spanish buddies. I’ll miss, as my roommate, Caleb, said, the ability to turn Spain and Europe into a carefree playground to roam and simply experience what comes at me. While it has been difficult to be on my own on the other side of the Atlantic, I have grown to love Madrid and to really feel as though I know have a second home. España: te echaré de menos. Algún día nos veremos de nuevo. Hasta pronto, amigo mío.

Thanks to everyone for reading this blog and sharing my memories with me.

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